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Neues Release - 13.1.19330.1217 Regulärer Kanal



Release Notes:

Version 13.1.19330.1217 (December 04th, 2019)
includes changes and bug fixes from Regular Channel Version 13.1.19274.1138, listed below
New / Changed
  • An issue should be shown if DNS is blocked by Spam URI Realtime Blocklists
    (For description see Knowledge Base Articles in German or English)
  • DER encoding rule for SETs used in Signed Attributes is wrong
  • Wrong results from email address filter
  • SPF PTR resolution doesn’t match subdomains
  • Secondary DNS server is not used to resolve hostnames if the primary DNS server doesn’t respond
  • ZIP archive accepted if a single file inside is allowed
  • Header-From address without domain causes NullReferenceException in Reputation filter
  • All headers are removed if the email body only consists of a winmail.dat
  • URL in PDF is not extracted correctly
  • Values of DKIM-Signature header are not sanitized before validating the signature
  • Installer doesn’t set permissions for Cyren URL classification service on ProgramData\Cyren folder
  • CryptographicOperationInfos is not thread-safe
  • Outlook Addin is uploading everything to the Web Portal
  • Wrong position of disclaimer if plain text email body contains dashes
  • Base64 decoding error if the encoded content is wrapped in a certain way
  • Content disarm for an email on hold failed: Length cannot be less than zero
  • All email servers are allowed to send emails with owned domains if “Password authenticated” corporate email server is configured
  • Email with obfuscated domain is blocked by HeaderFromExternalObfuscatedSubstringValidation
  • Gateway Role crashes when O365 Tenant is wrong
  • User password settings are not visible if LargeFiles is licensed without encryption
  • An unhandled error occurred during the malware scan
  • Link for the ReportViewer has changed on the Microsoft Website
  • No validation of input data in DNS routing restriction dialog
  • Intranet Role crashes when completing certificate enrolment requests: System.AccessViolationException
  • digiSeal: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • Behaviour of saving the settings for reputation filter is not consistent
  • “n/a” in SMIME action validation
  • Meta data service not always shown in validation tab
  • Could not load rule configuration from Gateway Role
  • Info in message track url safeguard if url detection is disabled
  • Not clear description of search filter in message tracking