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Neues Release - 13.1.20071.1529 Schneller Kanal

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Diese Version ist besonders dann wichtig, wenn von O365 über den NoSpamProxy versendet werden soll und es zur Meldung: ""Unable to relay" kommt.

Release Notes:

  • Cleaned up the Office 365 certificate check and changed the default behaviour to exclude the Root certificate from the revocation check
  • Remove check for self-signed UID from PGP key import
  • Charset decoding is performed incorrectly when extracting body from winmail.dat
  • Version number in PDF metadata is detected as URL and checked by the Spam URI Realtime Blocklist filter
  • Email is put on hold with “Error: A clone of the specified mime part was not found.” if the content filter removes a file from an attached EML file
  • Outlook Add-In does not handle Content Filters correctly
  • ICAP Malware scanner does not work with Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • URLSafeGuard: Links with umlaut could not be complete rewritten
  • Disclaimer is not positioned correctly when replying to Gmail emails
  • PGP encrypted attachment having Content-Type header with long media type and encoded file name can’t be serialized after decryption
  • Adobe cannot open the Attachment from PDF
  • GlobalSign certificates could not be revoked
  • Homographic attack detection does not work
  • Content filter in partner domain/user is not detect in outlook addin
  • Sending an administrative notification for CPU or HDD stress level failed. Error: Value cannot be null.
  • Resolution of the dependency failed by sending an administrative notification for CPU or HDD
  • Converted files are not approved if it is a Web Portal mail
  • Error in webportal template for redirection
  • Failed to update health statistics. Error: System.ArgumentNullException
  • Different content filters for partner users are not working correctly also in Add-In
  • Mail permanently blocked cause of modification
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